for artists, by artists
means we believe
you deserve the
freedom to be yourself.

consider the source.
your recording experience - elevated.

An artist's workflow is sacred, and should remain uninhibited & wild as it exists in the creative realm. The vision of Spellbound Recorders was to capture the bohemian, romantic spirit & retro sensibilities which we believe should be center to both the songwriting & recording process. At Spellbound, we designed every aspect with the necessities and comforts of the artist, producer, engineer & team in mind - utilizing natural light, textures, & colors found in nature.

Our studio mission statement - "within the realm, but outside of the box" nods to our strongly-held belief that a beautiful work environment does not need to sacrifice acoustical quality - while breaking the mold on how the “Nashville studio” is experienced.

Our spectacular custom pre-programmed LED options offer a sparkling futuristic effect in our live & isolation rooms that awe & inspire the senses.

Natural light, inside and out. Sunlight is much sought after in the studio world. Come clear your mind where creativity aligns with the natural landscape. 

Our 3 isolation rooms have direct eyeline, as do our live room & control room. We believe the intimacy of the recording experience depends on the unspoken communication between players (because nothing beats a killer live take).  

Our beautiful, original Trident 80C console was restored by Mike Rhodes of SkinnyFish Audio, responsible for the custom-design of Spellbound's audio wiring. Our wiring includes the crystal-clear glass paneled kitchen area, and even outdoors on our serene stone patio.